Lookalike Modelling Update

Sometimes, our customers have a need for more precision in lookalike modelling. This can be the case when expanding upon audiences with very niche interests, or audiences that could be easily skewed by 'outlier' segments that aren't the norm.

We're therefore pleased to provide transparency into your lookalike models, and greater control over their creation.

New options let you choose which segments you want to include or exclude when building your lookalike models. Once built, new 'Weight' metrics also show you exactly how much influence each segment has on the model - so you can be sure you're building and amplifying the exact audience you want to reach.

Lookalike Modelling update Aug 2.gif

Segment Link Sharing

We heard your feedback - you want to be able to direct colleagues to Permutive segments quickly and easily.

To help with this, we've enabled segment link sharing. Simply open the segment you want to share, copy the browser URL, and send it on to be sure that your fellow Permutive user is looking in the right place.

Live Audience Sizes

Having quick access to details on the proportions of your audiences can save you time and energy, especially when building out a campaign or responding to an RFP. We've therefore been working on improving the way you can retrieve this information.

We're happy to share that up-to-date indications of your segment audience sizes are now available at a glance. Where you previously had to manually select a segment and use the 'audience size estimator', you instead can now see the stats - number of users, and percentage of total audience - for all of your segments, updated every 30 minutes, direct in your Segments dashboard.

Live Audience Sizes Jul 19.gif

Easy-To-Use Third-Party Segment Search

When building a segment using third-party data, it can be difficult and time consuming to pinpoint the right third-party segments. For example, if you want to build a 'music lovers' audience, to find relevant music segments you have to manually click through each provider and add relevant music segments individually.

That's why we're pleased to release third-party segment search today. Now you can use free text search on up to 45,000 different third-party data segments from various providers. We'll match relevant segments and you can select which ones you want to use, saving time when creating segments using third-party data.

Third Party Search 2.gif

AppNexus Ad Server Integration

As part of our goal to increase targetable inventory for customers, we want to increase the options publishers have for targeting Permutive segments across different ad servers. Currently we have a full integration with Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP), and over the coming months we're going to be adding additional ad server integrations.

As part of this work, we're pleased to announce a new integration with AppNexus's Ad Server. Permutive now integrates with AppNexus to target ad impressions using Permutive segments and build segments using impression and click data from AppNexus. Since Permutive updates in real-time, our integration enables you to target users from the very first time they arrive on-site.

You can learn more about which events we collect, how to setup the integration or how to use our new targeting via our support docs.

Faster Dashboards

When building a story around audience segments for sales pitches, speed matters. We had feedback from customers that our segment index, list and overlap dashboards weren’t delivering analysis quickly enough to shape this narrative.

For this reason - and as part of a larger project to improve the performance of Permutive’s analytics - we’ve made major improvements to the performance of our segment index, list and overlap dashboards. This optimization has resulted in these dashboards loading at least 5x faster, making it a lot quicker to build stories around your audience segments for sales pitches.

To try it out today, head over to the Analytics tab.

Faster Audience Estimations

Often a customer will experiment with and sanity-check audience sizes using the estimator in our segment builder. When you’re consistently experimenting with segments to reach or validate the desired audience size, latency is frustrating.

For this reason, we’ve optimized the way that audience estimations are built and made it 3x faster. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to respond to an RFP or deliver on a campaign.

Foodies Segment Estimator.gif

Persistent Dashboard Filters

When a customer is trying to compare the same filters across two different dashboards in our analytics it’s manual and error-prone work to have to constantly update filters when switching between dashboards.

For this reason - and as part of a larger project to improve the performance of Permutive’s analytics - we’ve made filters persistent when you switch between dashboards. This gives a consistent view across dashboards, and removes the risk of error when trying to compare the same filters across different dashboards.

To try it out today, head over to the Analytics tab.

Extended Brightcove Video Player Integration

Many of our customers generate significant volumes of Brightcove video views on Facebook Instant Articles (FIA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

For this reason, we're pleased to announce that we've just released a much improved integration with the Brightcove video player, including support for FIA and AMP.

Permutive's JavaScript SDK now collects all Brightcove video ad events across web, FIA and AMP so that you can create Permutive segments based on those events across all three platforms. We also now offer targeting of video advertising across web and AMP using Permutive segments.

You can learn more about which events we collect, how to setup the integration or how to use our new targeting integration via our support docs.

User and Segment Exports

Customers sometimes need to activate Permutive segments within other tools that we don't currently have an out-the-box dynamic API integration with.

Today we're pleased to announce Exports in Permutive. With Exports you can export all users and the segments they're in and choose which kind of ID you'd like to export them against. You can currently export users and segments against Appnexus, IDFA and AAID IDs in a Tab Separated Values (TSV) format. In the example below you can see an export using AppNexus IDs.


Once exported, you can then upload these Permutive segments to other platforms to be activated, for example on LinkedIn.!