In-page segmentation

Having received feedback from Permutive users, we have added the ability to segment users on their current page - a useful feature for contextual targeting, or targeting immediately after an action has happened. You will notice this as an additional field in the segment time range dropdown - "During the current page". Such definition will place a user in a segment on the page they are on, and they will immediately fall out of the segment on their next pageview.

(Please note that we are not able to perform audience size estimations for these segments.)

Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 11.22.16.png

Third-party Index dashboard

We’ve reinstated the Third-party Index - Beta report in Audience and Campaign Insights from the list of available dashboards.

This report helps you uncover demographics, consumer, auto and travel intent signals within your segments and find out whether your segments are more or less likely to also be included within these audiences.

You may notice the B2B category is no longer present, we are working swiftly to restore this tab and will post an update when it is made available.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 09.28.17.png

Average Time Spent (Mins)

We've added an additional feature to the Engagement report which allows you to dig further into the engagement levels of your various audiences.

The Average Time Spent figure can be found in both the Audience and Campaign section of Insights. It shows, over the date range selected, how long (on average in minutes) your audiences are spending browsing your sites.

Screenshot 2020-09-04 at 10.19.10.png

Segment List Export

We know it's important to you to easily access all the details on your segments quickly.

That's why we've moved the Segment List from account analytics into the Segments menu. You can now export and download the details on your audience directly under Segmentation. We've also included more details, such as Segment Description and Segment Logic.

Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 18.18.18.png

Hourly/Daily Activity Report

We’ve created a new report to help you plan which times and days of the week will deliver the most effective advertising campaigns.

The report, Hourly/Daily Activity, can be found in both the Audience and Campaign sections of Insights. It shows you which time of day or day of the week users from particular segments or campaigns are most likely to interact with your site.

hourly:daily activity.png

Lookalike Modelling Update

Sometimes, our customers have a need for more precision in lookalike modelling. This can be the case when expanding upon audiences with very niche interests, or audiences that could be easily skewed by 'outlier' segments that aren't the norm.

We're therefore pleased to provide transparency into your lookalike models, and greater control over their creation.

New options let you choose which segments you want to include or exclude when building your lookalike models. Once built, new 'Weight' metrics also show you exactly how much influence each segment has on the model - so you can be sure you're building and amplifying the exact audience you want to reach.

Lookalike Modelling update Aug 2.gif

Segment Link Sharing

We heard your feedback - you want to be able to direct colleagues to Permutive segments quickly and easily.

To help with this, we've enabled segment link sharing. Simply open the segment you want to share, copy the browser URL, and send it on to be sure that your fellow Permutive user is looking in the right place.

Live Audience Sizes

Having quick access to details on the proportions of your audiences can save you time and energy, especially when building out a campaign or responding to an RFP. We've therefore been working on improving the way you can retrieve this information.

We're happy to share that up-to-date indications of your segment audience sizes are now available at a glance. Where you previously had to manually select a segment and use the 'audience size estimator', you instead can now see the stats - number of users, and percentage of total audience - for all of your segments, updated every 30 minutes, direct in your Segments dashboard.

Live Audience Sizes Jul 19.gif

Easy-To-Use Third-Party Segment Search

When building a segment using third-party data, it can be difficult and time consuming to pinpoint the right third-party segments. For example, if you want to build a 'music lovers' audience, to find relevant music segments you have to manually click through each provider and add relevant music segments individually.

That's why we're pleased to release third-party segment search today. Now you can use free text search on up to 45,000 different third-party data segments from various providers. We'll match relevant segments and you can select which ones you want to use, saving time when creating segments using third-party data.

Third Party Search 2.gif

AppNexus Ad Server Integration

As part of our goal to increase targetable inventory for customers, we want to increase the options publishers have for targeting Permutive segments across different ad servers. Currently we have a full integration with Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP), and over the coming months we're going to be adding additional ad server integrations.

As part of this work, we're pleased to announce a new integration with AppNexus's Ad Server. Permutive now integrates with AppNexus to target ad impressions using Permutive segments and build segments using impression and click data from AppNexus. Since Permutive updates in real-time, our integration enables you to target users from the very first time they arrive on-site.

You can learn more about which events we collect, how to setup the integration or how to use our new targeting via our support docs.